Anatoliy BUDYAK
Country:    Ukraine
Born:   1995-09-29 (22)
Doping:   18 months suspension until 2017-02-27 (Mesocarb, 28/8/2015)

Road | More
Year   Teams    CycleBase
  2014    ISD       -
  2015    ISD       1141
  2017    ISD - Jorbi       990

Results | Analysis


GP Sotchi Mayor (18/3)
  10th place
Baltyk - Karkonosze Tour (20-24/5)
  5th place
  3rd place in 6th stage
Volta a Portugal do Futuro (16-19/7)
  2nd place


Tour of Mersin (20-23/4)
  4th place
  5th place in 1st stage
  7th place in 3rd stage
Five Rings of Moscow (5-9/5)
  10th place in 4th stage
GP Priessnitz (1-4/6)
  8th place
  7th place in 2nd stage
Tour of Malopolska (9-11/6)
  7th place in 3rd stage
NC Ukraine (25/6)
  5th place
Tour of Szeklerland (9-12/8)
  7th place in 3rd stage
Tour of Fuzhou (8-12/11)
  8th place
  8th place in 1st stage