Pierpaolo FICARA
Country:    Italy
Born:   1991-02-16 (27)

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  2016    Amore e Vita - Selle SMP       858    -
  2017    Amore e Vita - Selle SMP       433    3
  2018    Amore e Vita - Prodir       646    -

Results | Wins | Analysis


Trofeo Edil C (11/4)
  10th place
GP Industria del Marmo (17/5)
  4th place


GP Costa degli Etruschi (7/2)
  17th place
Trofeo Laigueglia (14/2)
  36th place
Settimana Coppi e Bartali (24-27/3)
  16th place
  7th place in 3rd stage
Giro del Appennino (17/4)
  4th place


Giro del Appennino (9/4)
  24th place
Fenkel Northern Redsea (15/4)
  1st place
Tour Eritrea (18-22/4)
  7th place in 3rd stage
Tour of Albania (20-24/5)
  2nd place
  1st place in 1st stage
  1st place in ranking after 1st stage
  6th place in 3rd stage
  1st place in ranking after 3rd stage
  2nd place in 4th stage
  7th place in 5th stage
Tour du Jura (27-28/5)
  4th place
  1st place in 2nd stage
Tour of Utah (31/7-6/8)
  12nd place
Pro Ă–tztal 5500 (25/8)
  7th place
Coppa Agostoni (13/9)
  13rd place
Giro dell`Emilia (30/9)
  26th place
Tre Valli Varesine (3/10)
  31st place